CYCLONE-130 130mAh, 20C Lithium Polymer Cell

Yet another cell which has been manufactured to our very own specification to deliver 20C discharge performance in a small, lightweight package. This cell is ideally suited to both free flight and R/C applications. The first graph shows how well the 130mAh (in actual fact, this cell is closer to 140mAh) capacity is maintained all the way up to 20C discharge and also the flat discharge curve at high 'C' rates, the second and third graphs show cell voltage against time for various discharge rates.

At 20C, this cell still returns the same 140mAh capacity that it returned at 5C, as can be seen the 1C rate returns approx 145mAh. The discharge profile is exceptionally flat and even at 20C the voltage only drops below 3.4V towards the end of the discharge

The Cyclone-130 is a perfect match for our Voodoo 25 power unit and Zombie and is even able to support up to three of these motors! In addition, it's also suitable for a single Voodoo Twin 45 or small ducted fan/brushless motor.

All discharge curves were obtained following a 1C charge at Constant Current/Constant Voltage and terminated when the current had dropped to 0.1C. This charging regime is typical of many commercial li-poly chargers.