The ‘Voodoo’ series of motors from Atomic Workshop are specifically
designed to provide the very best power to weight ratio. What makes them
really special is their very low power consumption: the ‘Voodoo Twin 45’ shown below can operate from our single 220mAh Li-Po cell!

The ‘Voodoo Twin 45’ gives a full 45 grams of static thrust, making it capable of flying a 90 gram scale model! Ideally suited for both free-flight and radio control.
Fully compatible with the 'Zombie'

Twin sturdy Didel 7mm
‘Super Slick’ Pager motors, draw just 1600mA at 3.5V giving 45g of static thrust
Three point radial mount
(mounting screws included)
Tough milled
Delrin® chassis
Compact Didel spur gear
ideal for scale models
(4:1 ratio)
Supplied complete
with GWS 152x75mm prop and adaptor
(weighs just 2.3g)

Weighs only 6.7g!
(excl. prop)