The 'Zombie' now makes it possible to utilise high capacity, lightweight lithium polymer cells for free flight models. Electric free flight models can now be lighter than their equivalent rubber powered versions and, in addition, the 'Zombie' gives superior control over motor power and run times for that perfect flight!

Packed with even more features, the 'Zombie' now includes adjustable start delay and engine idle setting for added realism to rise-off-ground flights!

Multi-function indication light

4 trim-pots for setting power/time for both phases

Trim pots for power and duration control
Components mounted on tiny double-sided PCB, just 14.6mm x 11.3mm!
On-board ON/OFF switch - eliminates the need for bulky power switch!

On-board ON/OFF switch

High frequency 4 Amp speed controller
In-built battery monitor indicates battery level
Low battery shutdown - prevents over discharge
3.6-10V (3 to 7 NiMH/NiCd or 1 to 2 Li-Poly cells)
Mass only 0.65g (excl. wires)
Click here to download the Zombie user manual
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