Atomic Workshop 'LiPoCHIEF' Single Cell Li-Po Charger

The Atomic Workshop 'LiPoCHIEF' charger employs advanced hybrid design techniques for precision charge control combined with incredible efficiency enabling a wide charge current range of 10mA to 500mA. The extended input voltage range of 6V to 15V DC means it's suitable for numerous power sources (we recommend a 12V gel cell!)

Ever had problems finding a charger which will charge at exactly the 1C rate? Look no further - the innovative charge current setting method enables you to customise the charger to the charge currents you want. In addition, the advanced charge algorithm will attempt to recover deeply discharged cells and features auto shut-off on charge completion.

The charge current is set using plug in modules, each module is 'double-sided' and provides two charge currents. The charger is supplied with two of these modules providing the following charge currents:- 90mA/130mA and 220mA/300mA. Additional standard and custom charge modules are available separately.

The charger is provided with miniature crocodile clips for the DC IN connection and industry standard BEC/JST red two pin male connector for the Li-Po (not shown in image).

Technical Data

  • Input Voltage: 6 to 15V
  • Charge current range: 10mA to 500mA (set by plug-in module)
  • Connectors: DC IN by 2 croc clips on 30cm silicone wire, Li-Po by male BEC/JST on 15cm silicone wire
  • Charge float voltage: 4.2V
  • Indicators: Power On, Charge and Ready
  • Dimensions: L=45mm, W=30mm, T=5mm (excl. wires)


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